Asleep on the Volcano, The Poetic Landscape of Psychotherapy


Asleep on the Volcano is an anthology of poetry, painting, and psychotherapy. It illustrates the author’s own disturbance and recovery through paintings and poems.

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Asleep on the Volcano is a collection of creative works. It depicts my own essential disturbance and recovery from working with persons who have suffered injuries of the mind, many of whom have had little choice but to enter psychotherapy from the ruins of their experience. These metaphors for my own journey were crafted in the hours between sessional work with forensic patients, most of whom have been given medication to stabilise or dissipate their symptoms and who live with an uncertainty as to when restrictions on their lives can be lifted, including incarceration. Patients who might struggle with personal histories that for many of us might sound unimaginable, often experience the profound humiliation of a life in tatters.




Of all the remarkable poems in this book, it is ‘The Face’ which sums up for me all the aspects of Marcus´s creative and
professional life to come. Written when he was still a very small boy, ‘The Face’ is a profound and visionary poem for one
so young. Marcus vividly painted a portrayal of his fearless confrontation with a disturbing illusion that was as actual and
vital as that same force he now spreads upon his canvas.

Anne Westley, Artist and Author of Relief Printmaking: a practical printmaking guide for artists and
students in the UK, Australia, USA and China


Reading your book, it’s clear that you discovered the power of language at a remarkably early age and had the prescience
to record it. It’s fascinating to see the development of your gift with words. I am left with the feeling that I have spent my
life observing the world rather than digesting it.
Your paintings are invigorating! There seems to be a constant struggle between early German Expressionism – Kirchner/
Kandinsky/Beckmann et al – and Pollockian American Abstract Expressionism. Aus dem Sturm strömt Licht!

Steve Stevenson – Film Editor


Marcus Price – an artist whose work feeds the soul, encourages understanding and empathy, gives
dark visions a voice and hope. His work affects the world, and those who experience his work, for
the better.

Mabelle Pañalver – Poet and Psychotherapist


Art is brave, Marcus says in one of these poems (p. 17). These poems and paintings are brave and
visceral, offering “a sense of understanding and acceptance for which the environment is hungry.”
Sometimes described as “poetic tapestries”, these writings draw on dreams of sullen light and
unrelenting beauty – often striking, painful and perceptive: “the sheen of your intent” breaks through
the “Puddle” revealing the violence of “Subordination”, the wit of “Off the Trolley”, the despair of
“They Took Her.”

Natasha Morgan -Author and Gestalt Psychotherapist

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